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Greetings Trainers of the Intel® Teach Program,


Happy August Everyone!  Yes, it’s that time of year to refocus on back to school agendas, a new round of students and more professional development. The community is a great place to reflect on learnings from your summer and discover new resources and tips. 



Facilitate Sub-community: This section is for facilitators of the Intel® Teach Program. All of the updated documents and resources for the Intel Workshops are available in our community as well as the Course Update site.


  • MT Resources
  • ST Resources
  • Course Update Site
  • Stories from the Front Lines - Share your training stories – What surprises have you had in a recent training? Perhaps someone exceeded your expectations or another left you baffled with questions? Did you have a traveling tale of doom or perhaps an inspiring moment that you will never forget? In any case, share your story with us.
  • What training tip are you really glad you listened to or what new tip do you have to share? -We each have our own toolbox we use in trainings, but we're always looking for more. What training tip are you really glad you listened to? Or do you have a tip/strategy/document you would like to share? We'd love to hear from you.
  • Ice Breaker Activities - Have a great ice breaker activity or website you use to kick start discussions?  Add them to our Ice Breaker Activities document by simply clicking “Edit Document” on the right.  The more added to the list, the more we all benefit. The "Manage Versions" feature will allow us to see who added to the document but you may also add your name if you would like (i.e. submitted by...).
  • Latest Learning? – Margaret Bowerman has starting a great discussion thread asking what have you been working on or just learned about and can't wait to try with students?  Add to the thread and share your summer learning experiences with professional development and/or travel that can impact your classroom this year.

Tip of the month – Tagging - When you start a new discussion or share a document, do you add a tag?  Tagging documents and discussions allows our community to search for relevant topics of interest. You can also edit a post to include more tags at anytime. So help your colleagues out and use the tag feature.

ST Live! Mark Your Calendars August 20, 2009 @ 5pm PDT.

Grab your headset and enter our ST Virtual Room Dyane Smokorowski will host an informal gathering for Senior Trainers. Topics for this month are:

  • Back to School – What’s happening in your classroom or position?  How have the first days of school gone?
  • What tactics do you use to get to know your students/teachers?
  • Enter our surprise drawing...

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Webinars and Events Sub-community:

  • Exploring Assessment presented by Dr. Peggy Grant Dr. Peggy Grant, of of the original developers for the Assessing Projects Tool, shared best known tips and strategies on assessment and use of the tool. Visit the Webinars and Events sub-community > Discussions Tab to review and discuss this Webinar or any of our other archived webinars.


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See you online!

The Teachers Engage Community Team