Falling into Fall…The Intel community has also been a place full of new growth and professional development.  With topics on current trends in technology, pedagogical discussions, and plans on incorporating more Web 2.0; the Ed-tech chatter has been active.


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Discussion Highlight - 21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times by Bernie Trilling & Charles Fadel


Paige Johnson (Kuni) has started a discussion with Author Charles Fadel regarding 21st Century skills and his new book.  Find out why Charles was inspired to write this book and ask the author your questions.


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  • Intel Essentials SpOOktacular: One of our trainers is inviting you to a global event
  • ST Live! Today, October 15th @ 5 pm PDT. Grab your headset and enter our Virtual Room http://engageteachers.acrobat.com/seniortrainers/ (All members of community are invited too!)
    • This month’s theme Great Googly Moogly – Exploring some of Google’s hidden treasures: Google Squared, Wonder Wheel, Timeline Searching, Google Image filters, Google Calendar – now add your sports teams.
    • If anyone has seen or played with Google Wave, we definitely want you to pop in and share.  Many of us are itching to see what this can really do.

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