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21st Century Skills: Learning for Life in Our Times by Bernie Trilling & Charles Fadel  - This discussion with the Author Charles Fadel regarding 21st Century skills and his new book was started last month.  Many mentioned reading the book and coming back to discuss with the author.  Do you have any new thoughts after reading the book?  If so come back and share. 


“The Lonely Tech Gadget” Photo Activity - Do you still have a two button mouse without a scroll wheel?  How about a laser disc machine?  Perhaps an original Palm Pilot?  Enter your photos for a drawing of a NEW Flipcam for your tech gadget collection.  Simply post your image to the thread.


Check out the Inspiring Educators Contest  submissions will be accepted until February 17, 2010.


Technology is not the only item that community members are discussing – check out the discussion on relevant problem solving, vocabulary building educational board games.

Tip of the month – Groups – Check out the new documentation for using a group in the community.  OR go to Groups > Browse all Groups and find a relevant group to join. Watch for an upcoming webinar on how to use a Group to support your training.

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Intel Live! Mark Your Calendars Thursday, December 17, 2009 @ 6 pm PST. Grab your headset and join Dyane Smokorowski for an informal gathering for Senior Trainers discussing current technology and ideas for the classroom.


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  • Who’s who of our community discussion - Introduce yourself and share your involvement in the Intel Teach Program. Each month there are new community members joining – see if you can connect with trainers from long ago. 


  • Did you see the ST spotlight?  We would like to highlight and share one of our Senior Trainers each month. If you are a Senior Trainer and would like to be featured contact teachersengage@intel.com


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