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Teachers Engage Makeover

The community has been upgraded with new features to enrich your community experience.

  • Bookmarks! The number one requested feature is here; add the bookmark button to easily include any webpage to your list and share with friends
  • Projects within a Group - Now you can add projects to your group space.  Go to your group > select Edit Group details > choose Projects as a group feature and you are on your way to creating and following project in your group.  Projects allow you to assign and follow tasks, designate due dates and deadlines, and share discussions and resources specific to the project.
  • System Generated Community Updates – You should have received the first community update last week – to edit your preferences, go to your profile > edit preferences > email notification preferences > change the email summary.

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Incentivized Participation

To bring focus to certain areas of the community, drawings are conducted for people who participate in our “bunny threads”   Community members that contribute to those discussions and documents will have their name entered into a drawing for various technology tools and gadgets.  Look for the Intel BunnyPeople™ as they note the incentivized areas.





FREE Webinars and Events:


Visit Webinars & Events for registration information and to review the archived webinars (i.e. Digital Storytelling, Training with the new Viewer).   Consider attending an installment of Intel Teach Live! a popular monthly webinar conducted by Intel Senior Trainers highlighting tools and applications for technology in the classroom. Click below to register for our upcoming webinars:

  • Cultural Exchange with VoIP
  • Assessment
  • Critical Thinking
  • Elements
  • Overview of Teachers Engage Community



Hot Threads:

The following are current conversations in the community worth checking out and sharing your two cents.

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