Did you know that the Teachers Engage Community is constantly getting updated?  Our goal is to make the community a valuable resources that is easy to use and navigate.


The following are a few things you might not be aware of:

  • In Webinars and Events
    • you can now view the upcoming webinars by DATE or TOPIC
    • Upcoming Webinar Registrations are front and center
    • you can easily find a recorded or Archived Webinar
  • Help and Support
    • About Engage - as always this is the place to find out about our community - join the discussion on who's in the community and find more information on our sub-communities as we grow
    • FAQ's are questions and about all things Intel Education -covering topics such as Thinking Tools, Assessing Projects, Essentials Course or Elements Courses -this is the place to go to find your answers
    • Give Feedback is an area for you to share feedback for all things Intel Education - please visit if you have something to share
  • Intel Teachers Engage has over 450 discussion threads on various topics - use the Content by Topic categories to find things you are interested in


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