Greetings Teachers Engage Community members!


We are glad to have you as part of our community and through your feedback, we constantly strive to make Teachers Engage be the best that it can be. This fall we have been updating the Teachers Engage Community with the goal to streamline navigation and content. Some of the key updates are:

  • The      Intel Teach Professional Development Community – was renamed as      Facilitators Engage – it still has the same great content that is      associated with the Intel Teach Program  focusing on strategies for      those who facilitate professional development.
    • The       former Facilitate sub-community resources are now part of the larger       Facilitators Engage community. You can search for these resources by       various topics found in the category folders.
    • The former       Elements sub-community resources are now part of the larger Facilitators       Engage. You can search for these resources specifically in the Elements       category folder.
    • The       former Transforming Learning with One-to-One sub-community resources are       now part of the larger Facilitators Engage. You can search for these       resources specifically in the one-to-one category folder.
    • No       changes to the private Affiliate sub-community
  • The      profile page has been updated recently. To edit your profile, click on      your name and then click on the “edit profile” link in the right hand box      titled, “Actions”. Update your country and any other required fields that      are inaccurate or blank. There is a random drawing scheduled coming up and      those who have completed all required profile fields will be automatically      entered to win free technology!


A few reminders to help keep the Teachers Engage Community healthy:

  • If you find a link that is      broken- please report it so we can fix it
  • If you start a discussion      or document be sure to TAG it and select a folder for it to live. Tagging      makes it easier to find resources.
  • If you find content that      is abusive, please click on the “report abuse” link at the bottom of each      discussion or document. We will review anything flagged by you. You can      also send a note for any further explanation or notification.


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Thank you for helping the Teachers Engage Community become a valuable place for professional learning. 

See you online!

Julia Fischer