Teachers Engage Provides Resources to Educators


Did you know that your participation in the Teachers Engage Community could result in great technology gadgets and tools for your classroom?  Of course every discussion and activity provides countless resources that have been shared by educators from around the world, but many of our discussions are associated withCommunity Sweepstakes Drawings.


Take a look at some of our discussions that were popular in 2011 that had a drawing associated with them.  A place to start is the discussion in Webinars and Events, especially the Intel Teach Live series.  Recent webinars that have great resources and follow-up discussion activities are -Intel Teach Live-October 2011- Great Googly Moogly! Exploring the Latest Google Tools for Education and Intel Teach Live - November 2011 - Wii Inspire Kids - Gaming in the Classroom


Also, we have an activity each month that has a drawing. Take a look at a few discussion activities that took place this year: August Activity #2 - Websites No Teacher Should Start the 2010-11 Year Without - ADD YOURS or Is there REALLY an APP for that Hangman Game


Here are the highlights of the items that found their way into teachers hands for 2011:

  • Classmate PCs
  • iPod touches
  • Document Cameras
  • Flip Cameras
  • VOIP headsets
  • Kindles
  • Dell Inspirion mini notebooks
  • Kinect gaming system
  • Wii gaming system


Not to mention the very popular "Intel" swag items like:

  • 4 in 1 blanket
  • Intel Sound Button
  • Intel Laptop Skins
  • BunnyPeople Dolls
  • BunnyPeople USB Sticks


We look forward to your quality participation; engage more in 2012 and see what you can add to your classroom or educactional environment!