Are you new to the community? If so, great and thank you for joining! Now that you’ve joined, we want you to get the most out of your experience. Tools and processes for getting started have changed a little since we pushed our new homepage; here are a few tips to help.


First, you definitely should check out the About Engage section of our community. You can get there two different ways. You can click on About Engage in the Go Directly To…widget in the upper right of our main page, or you can click on “I want to learn how to use Engage features and functionality” in our central navigation widget. There is a wealth of information on the About Engage home page to help you get around.

Go directly to About.jpgAbout_mainnav.jpg

Another activity you want to engage in right away is introducing yourself in our new members welcome thread. You can find this in the upper right widget on the About Engage home page, or via the Featured Content feed on our home page. The threads are posted and moderated by Engage Moderator bonnie_feather, and they’re active for three month sessions. These discussions help us see who is newly joined and get to know our community members as individuals. Bonnie also will give each new member a personal welcome. By introducing yourself in this thread, you’re automatically entered into a drawing for a great prize – we pick the winner at the end of each three month discussion life cycle. Veteran members, you may want to drop by this discussion and offer our newest friends a hearty welcome as well.


If you want a more structured way to start engaging, or you would like to learn a little more about how our Groups function, join Group Quest. Teachers Engage Moderator holmesg will help point you to interesting activities and opportunities. She also runs a Classroom Challenge every month. Via these Challenges, Group Quest members learn about a classroom tool, app, or practice, try it out, and build new knowledge by sharing the experience with each other.


Thanks for joining and taking time to learn about our community. As always, if you need help, have questions, or want to give us feedback, click the blue Help and Support button at the right of your screen to open the app and send us a message.


See you online!