Today I'm going to tell you a bit more about the "About" section of Intel Engage, and I'm going to let you know what's going on in the community that is being featured this month.


First off, February is the month when we are featuring STEM and Futurist topics, including 21st Century Careers. Digital Learning Day is an area which touches on all of these! It is being celebrated on March 13th worldwide. At their website, you can get ready! Share your ideas, glean ideas for your classroom from others, and see what it's all about! We are featuring it now so you can get ready and it won't come as a big surprise! When you visit the site, be sure to join the mailing list and follow them on Twitter! Not using Twitter yet? This is a good way to get your feet wet and see how handy it can be to learn about a specific topic related to your teaching practice!


Regarding 21st Century Careers, there are several areas to check out. I suggest you begin with ( ) Marshal Conley's post: Community Roadmap. Gail Holmes (holmesg) has centered her Classroom Challenge this month around Augmented Reality and careers. Shannon Mersand (smersand ) has focused on the topic in her "Cut to the Core" blog related to the Common Core. And here's a quick poll you can participate in related to preparing students for 21st Century Skills and jobs! Deb Norton (deb_norton) creates the "Chat with Deb" feature, and I'm giving you a link to all her content this month because there are so many interesting topics! You'll want to start following her when you read all her cool stuff! In particular, check out her post on "2 in 1 device apps." Click on any of the topics on the page linked above and you will surely find something useful. While you're on any page in the community, I encourage you to use the "Like" button. That's how people know you're reading their stuff, even if you don't respond with a comment.


Try out that search bar by inputting "Digital Learning Day," or "STEM." You'll come up with some interesting things!


You must have found the "About" section of Engage already if you have found this blog, because that's the home area for it. While you're there, take a few minutes to look around. You'll find a link to "How-to" videos regarding the site, a link to customer service, and setting up your own group areas as well as sending direct messages and attending webinars or viewing previous ones. It's an area with huge resources created to help you make the most of the Intel Engage community.


The community has an area for Professional Development. You may be interested to visit the "Transforming Learning" courses.


Badging is about to go live in the Intel Engage community. You may want to get a bit prepared by visiting Shannon's post here.


Questions about using the Intel Engage community? You can always send me a direct message bonnie_feather or by clicking the tiny downward-pointing triangle in the top ribbon and scrolling down to "Message" then typing in my name.


Enjoy this short month, wherever you are!


~Bonnie Feather