March is here!


The Intel Engage community focus for this month is on "Going Mobile." That means we are highlighting learning environments using mobile devices, 1:1 programs in schools , and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) learning environments.


You'll find other featured posts in Deb Norton's (deb_norton) "Chat with Deb" post on Augmented Reality here.  Others you might want to check out each month are:

  1. Glen Westbroek (glen_w posts regularly on STEM topics. Take a look at his post this month here.
  2. Tom Diener (tdiener  is hosting a "Maker" webinar this month with a senior manager from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Media lab. Register and attend this FREE webinar!
  3. Susan Gauthier (susangauthier & Vanessa Jones (vkajones) are the famous hosts of the monthly "Intel Live" webinar. Their latest webinar topic is "Empowering Young Women and Girls."
  4. Shannon Mersand (smersand has this month's "Cut to the Core" post on Augmented Reality. Check it out here.
  5. Gail Holmes (holmesg) does the Classroom Challenge. This month she shows us some great tools and apps for Mobile Learning.
  6. Naomi Harm ( does the "Digital Buzz Radio Show." Listen to all the previous shows by visiting this page and selecting the ones which interest you.
  7. Mobile Tools for Deeper Learning will be a discussion topic after the webinar, so look for that post by Blanca Duarte (blancaedu)


One way to find content created by a particular person is to click on their name when it is a link, then after their profile page loads, click near the top on "Content." You'll then be able to see all of their content in the community.


This month, I want to be sure you know about the area of Intel Engage where we highlight Intel Education Programs. You may not realize how many programs Intel has going. The "2 in 1" machines are really popular, and this area will let you see why, and possibly see which type might be a fit for you or your school. Check it out!


To read blog entries from other months and other bloggers designed to help you learn about all the good things available in Intel Engage, look up on your screen and click on "Content." This is how you can see the variety of materials, documents, and discussions within the "About Engage" area.


While you are in that area, be sure to look at the post on "Community Sweepstakes Drawings!" It will tell you how to enter a variety of sweepstakes drawings. Good luck! Prizes are designed to help you in your classroom! Speaking of sweepstakes drawings, have you posted your own introduction in the "Introduce Yourself Here (January-March 2015)" discussion? There will be a drawing at the end of March, from the names of all who have posted their introductions. AND...the deadline to post in the discussion Make your pitch for Intel-Inside Tech, and win your own! has been extended to March 10th, and 10 participants must post in order for the drawing to take place. You could win your own Intel(R) Inside device! 


And be sure to keep an eye on the "Webinars and Events" area. This month there's one (among others) on 1:1 learning and "Activating Student Voice." Webinars are always free, and you  may join in from anywhere in the world on the Internet!


~Bonnie Feather