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The Intel Engage community focus for this month is on "Global Collaboration." That means we are highlighting ways to reach out with your students to experts and classrooms around the world. Read an overview and learn about educating students to be Global Citizens here.


In the Intel Engage community, there are many sub-areas. One you may not know about can help you grow in your teaching practice. The “K-12 Professional Learning” area  is chock full of opportunities for everyone to boost their personal learning and that of other educators. From this one page, you can click to register for webinars, watch recorded webinars, explore online tools and lesson plans, take a course online, and participate in a wide variety of discussions. You can locate materials to help you facilitate several different Intel® courses, and find others who can support you in these activities.


Within the K-12 Professional Learning” area, the Intel® Teach Elements online courses are available free of charge. Courses are: “Moving Into Mobile Learning,” “Creativity in the Mobile Classroom,” “Designing Blended Learning,” “Inquiry in the Science Classroom,” “Thinking Critically with Data,” “Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms,” “Project-Based Approaches,” and “Collaboration in the Digital Classroom.” If you simply click “Intel® Teach Elements Courses,” you will see a list of courses linked. Click one to begin the course. Credit for these courses is not offered here, but your school or district is welcome to use the courses and decide on policies for awarding credit. Below those links you will find a link to the facilitation materials to go with each of the courses. Other courses are offered in the “Intel® Teach” group and the “Transforming Learning Courses.”  Many schools and districts are seeking professional development, and these courses have been designed and written with technology integration and Project-Based approaches in the forefront. On April 22, join this webinar for an overview of the Intel Elements online course on Project Based ApproachesAlong with the courses described briefly above, I encourage you to check out the link to “Free Curricula” toward the lower right. You’ll be amazed at what is available here!


The focus areas during the month of April include Global Citizenship, Sustainability, CCSS, Social Studies, National Library Week, Earth Day, and Global Collaboration Projects.


You'll find other featured posts in Deb Norton's (deb_norton) post on creating a flipped video using a tablet here. She just posted some other goodies here.  Others you might want to check out each month are

1. Glen Westbroek (glen_w) posts regularly on STEM topics. Take a look at his post this month here.

2. Tom Diener (tdiener )  recently hosted a "Maker" webinar with a senior manager from the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Media lab. Watch and listen to the webinar recording here!

3. Vanessa Jones (vkajones ) is the famous host of the monthly "Intel Live" webinar. The April 28 webinar topic is "The Wonders of Google Classroom." Read about it and register here.

4. Shannon Mersand (smersand ) has this month's post on tools for note-taking on the go. Take a look and join the discussion here.

5. Gail Holmes (holmesg ) does the Classroom Challenge. This month she shows us some great tools and apps for Global Citizenship.

6. Naomi Harm (NaomiHarm ) does our "Digital Buzz Radio Show." Here's a link to the broadcast on World Radio Day and the discussion following.

7. What does a Futurist do? Find out by attending this webinar in May.


One way to find content created by a particular person is to click on their name when it is a link, then after their profile page loads, click near the top on "Content." You'll then be able to see all of their content in the community.


This month, I want to be sure you know about the area of Intel Engage where we highlight Intel Education Programs. You may not realize how many programs Intel has going. The "2 in 1" machines are really popular, and this area will let you see why, and possibly see which type might be a fit for you or your school. Check it out!  Take a look at a digital classroom in Costa Rica here!


The new badging and gamification set-up is up and running. Read Marshal Conley's post to learn how it works. Be sure to take a look at your own profile (Click the dropdown arrow by your avatar at upper right and select "View Profile.") Then  click on "More" and scroll down to "Reputation" to see your own progress. You've been earning points and badges, and you might not have even known it!


To read blog entries from other months and other bloggers designed to help you learn about all the good things available in Intel Engage, look up on your screen and click on "Content." This is how you can see the variety of materials, documents, and discussions within the "About Engage" area.


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