Schools are beginning their new years all over the world. (Well, all over the northern hemisphere, at least!) After a brief break, students, teachers, administrators, trainers, and parents are taking deep breaths and sharing their excitement about new endeavors. The Intel Engage community is a great place to learn about new things, not only for this year, but also from the past. After all, some things may be new to YOU, even though they are not new to everyone.


In addition to some regular features highlighted in this blog, I'd like to highlight some of the discussions created expressly for the beginning of a new school year. You don't have to be starting something new to find some first-rate nuggets here!


The focus area for this month is "Going Global." You'll see in mdconley57's post Community Roadmap: Going Global, Going Back to School how to easily access featured posts and activities. There's a great opportunity for a giveaway prize as well as points toward badges.


I encourage you to view other blog posts from the "About Engage" Content area to learn about other fantastic areas within the Intel Engage community.


You'll find other featured posts in

Deb Norton's (deb_norton) post on Connected Families and Students. She does a monthly "Chat with Deb" but she posts lots of great content- use that feature I explained above by clicking on her linked nickname above, then on "Content." I think you should do that with all the names I'm about to call out!  Others you might want to check out each month are

  1. Glen Westbroek (glen_w) posts regularly on STEM topics. Here's the latest: STEM Snacks: How dense is that fruit?
  2. Tom Diener (tdiener )  will recently hosted a "Maker" webinar on May 19th all about the Maker Movement in Schools. Use that link to view the webinar recording- all webinars are free. Find out about the next Maker webinar and others here.
  3. Vanessa Jones (vkajones ) is the famous host of the monthly "Intel Live" webinar. Brush up on your Back to School Digital Toolkits byattending that webinar.
  4. Shannon Mersand (smersand ) has regular posts in her "Cut to the Core" blog. Be sure to check out  Connecting Families with Digital Newsletters - Cut to the Core: Technology Solutions for the Common Core
  5. Gail Holmes (holmesg ) does the Classroom Challenge. This month she explores the theme in:Classroom Challenge - Going Global - August 2015
  6. Naomi Harm ( ) does our "Digital Buzz Radio Show." Here's a link to the broadcast on World Radio Day and the discussion following. Also check out So You Want To Be A Game Show Host!



You see, there are many features and areas in the community! I hope you will introduce yourself in the New Members Start Here! (April-June 2015) discussion. There's a prize drawn at the end of each quarter from that quarter's New Members Introduction discussion! It's from Intel- it's a good one!



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