The Internet, no doubt is the biggest source of information about being up to date and have made our lives easier as before without any hassle. There is completely no doubt that the internet has made our live easy. How easy it is now to look for meanings on Google than to open a physical dictionary or hiring a cab via the internet than waiting at the bus stop and often getting late. But, making life comfortable and getting entirely dependent on the internet are two different things. By fetching ideas and solution over the search engines for every single thing are making us brain dead.



Have you ever thought the generation has become too lazy even to think of an idea rather than just looking for it on the search engines? Or have you ever noticed that all the images and websites on the internet appear to be same with rarely any difference? Think of the last time when you came across an entirely new look or design of a website? Did you get any answer? Think of the earlier years, when in the 80s, if an idea gets stolen, it used to be big news for the people but now no one matters, and the search engine has become precise tools for taking other ideas and keeping our creativity in the dark.


The aftermath of internet killing creativity:


  • The websites are fully equipped with all the templates and frameworks.
  • The responsive design pattern has become familiar, though it is good but no more unique. The logos are all common unless you don’t hire a professional logo design company for designing a logo.
  • We have become habitual of fast work; if we try being creative, it will eventually take more time and many people find it pointless because they can easily get prepared ideas on the search engines.
  • The grids in web designing have killed creativity. A grid can create a basic structure of your design and ties all the elements in a proper alignment but, again it affects the creativity of the designer.
  • Imaginations and fresh ideas are considered as a waste of time these days. You need to mold your mind in a particular way to quickly toss new ideas on the table, and it needs experience and time. Feeding our brains with whatever is available on Google is suppressing our mind’s capabilities and making us dependent.




The internet has frozen our creativity, and our minds have become dead. We are losing our creativity and skills by being reliant on the internet, and our brain is being suppressed by becoming “Google Dependent. A good designer creates a balance between the use of internet and creativity. Though it’s nice to make work easy by the use of prepared templates as it saves time, but it not correct to depend entirely on the design as there are millions of people who are using the same designs.

A good designer either it may be a professional logo designer, or a web developer understands the difference between a being creative or using prepared designs over the internet. They are continuously in strive to differentiate their work and make it genuine and artistic, something which is out of the box that attracts the audience at a single glance.