Part One
Have you ever wondered what it  takes to cultivate an  online community? I recently paid a visit to community  sites online in  search of the perfect “tools” that would result in a community  full of  action and life. I related my thinking to that which is required for a   plant to sustain life: sun, food, water and a little tender loving care.   Like plants, communities have basic things  they need in order to stay  alive: creative minds, full of enthusiasm with a  desire to learn and  grow.


Online  communities are sprouting  up all over the Web, with many blossoming, but  some withering away. Online  communities run the gamut but a common “root”  in all communities is they bring  people together to exchange information  that is mutually beneficial.


The Intel® Education Online Community: Teachers Engage is a place where you can collaborate and communicate  with others who share the same interests  and background as you. You are invited  to share your expertise through video, discussions, blogs, and resources; in return, you will be able to tap  into the great minds of the best educators in the world.
There's more to come: A new segment of this blog will be posted  each week.  Stay tuned for our next segment on Cultivating an Online Community.


In what ways have online communities enhanced your educational practice?