Improve practice is the fifth and final key practice that will be highlighted as a continuation of the Cultivating an Online Community blog post.


Improve practice– Social networking sites have improved collaboration and teaching practices. Educators, like you, who use the Intel® Thinking Tools, have provided a way for students to collaborate with their peers in an online environment. Using the tool, Showing Evidence, students can review and give feedback to each other using the online interactive tool. Sites like and LinkedIn are making a diligent effort to help educators change their practice of educating kids in order to make positive impacts on student achievement.

The Teachers Engage Online Community strives to become a place where you will come to learn, collaborate, share, grow and develop your skills so you can in turn directly impact positive change in the classroom.


Of course, we all know that learning, discussion, and collaboration can happen without technology. Technology is a vehicle that can provide resources helping you make global connections which in turn can lead to a more in-depth understanding of content. Ways in which you can expand your knowledge are endless. Several examples include podcasts from experts, discussion groups and blogs, online courses, collaborative projects using wikis, and online communities. But, what makes an online community thrive? I’m sure you’re anxious to read on so stay tuned for the continuation of this blog coming later in January. The post will feature how to use online communities in your classroom highlighting several Gcasts with familiar names and faces within the Teachers Engage Online Community.


What do you believe are the key components to making an online community thrive?