Growth of Online Communities 

One of the goals of The Intel Education Online community is to provide a place where you can come together to share interests and goals, and continue the sense of connectedness that is started at our annual ST Summits. The ability to reach out to the community and share frustrations left one senior training feeling supported because of the immediate responses and feedback she received. We hope you find the community to be of high-quality because of the members who are involved. Our Senior Trainers are some of the best educators on the planet!


When you are active in the community, you are engaged in exciting and compelling dialogue, collaboration, and teamwork that are important to your professional and personal growth. We hope that through your interactions and involvement in the community, your interest and commitment is sustained. Have you noticed the point values added to your profile through your interactions?  The community allows for ratings and point accumulation.  We are looking to you for your input as to how the point accumulation system might work for us.


How can the community use these points as an incentive or recognition for your contributions to the community?