After reading judiyostCA post on Using Your Homepage Effectively, I began reflecting on how and why I created and use a web page for my students. I began with two main goals:

  1. One reason is to help students doing online activities in the classroom to be successful in finding their assignments or web pages.
  2. I also wanted to see if I could help students who forgot to finish assignments to be more successful.


As we began this year I learned I had one student who is undergoing ChemoTherapy. She is misses school every two or three weeks. Each absence averages four school days. I did daily short entries about class with links to handouts, online activities, and assignments. This delightful young lady would take time to complete all work before she returned to school after each therapy session. Both she and her mom expressed gratitude for how I've helped her keep up in the class all year. (She not only completed EVERY assignment, she managed to maintain an "A" grade each of the four terms this year.)


I just learned our server was taken down today and is being rebuilt . I will upload links tomorrow.


How and or why do you maintain a web page?