I almost didn't try Pageflakes beyond a quick look, but then I saw the blog previews. Yes, that's what I want. I want to be able to scan a page quickly and see if there's anything interesting. Sometimes (oftentimes) titles are catchy and cute, but they don't really tell you what a story is about. I appreciate the ability to view a few lines of a story without having to click on something. Even mousing over linked stories is better than having to click. Pageflakes does both. So I had to take a look, and Pageflakes does quite a few things well.



Pageflakes - Last minute contender with impressive results


  • Great preview of latest articles/blog entries--See several sentences of most recent story and mouse over the next links to view their preview
  • Many well-designed widgets that are streamlined and very functional--I was particularly impressed with

o    A to-do list widget that includes click boxes and due dates

o    An e-mail widget that actually works--listing the newest five emails in your POP e-mail inbox

o    Widgets from which you can view, write, or edit your Pageflakes' blog, Facebook site, Twitter account, and so on--without leaving your Pageflakes homepage

o    Site-specific search widget for such sites as wikipedia, a dictionary, Amazon, ebay, and so on (many of which iGoogle also has)


  • The widgets that aren't there that I really miss:
    • One-click access to any Google tools--your Google docs, gmail, Google Reader, and so on
    • Mapquest (it does have Yahoo maps--it's just not as clean an interface and I just prefer Mapquest)

After using both for a few weeks, I have to say that it's a tie. It all comes down to which widgets and features are the most important to you. Following is a comparison of the widgets I use the most--with my preferred widgets highlighted in yellow.




Quick links to sites I visit frequently are ok, but Pageflakes does this better--and this particular widget is having some technical difficulties...


Quick links to sites I visit frequently are easier to
create/edit (add all at one time) and are more


Provides links to my specific Google docs


Doesn’t have Google docs widget

Favorite feeds are not previewed


A quick scan of my favorite feeds gives a better


Has Mapquest – keeps your starting address


Only has Yahoo Driving Directions—doesn’t
have Mapquest (just a personal preference)







Grade: A

(Rating based on personal opinion)

So, although I really like both Pageflakes and iGoogle, for the moment, I'm using iGoogle as my homepage--but I might go back to Pageflakes. I'm not sure how much time it's really saving me because either of them takes some time to load, but I do feel that I have a good start out of the chute when I start my browser. I'm more informed--and staying up with the sites and blogs that I am most interested in...and that was the point of this whole experiment anyway.

Are you using a homepage? Which one did you choose? Is it helping you...or annoying you?