Now that I have chosen a homepage (well, I still really like Pageflakes, but I’m with Google for now), it’s time to fill it up. That was the point of all this after all: I wanted to find a way to keep up with my favorite blogs and Web sites and keep current on what’s happening in today’s classrooms. So here are a few of my favorite blogs that I try to follow.


A Teacher's Tale

A fifth grade teacher’s blog about her classroom and a hodgepodge of other interests

NJ Tech Teacher Musings

K-8 computer teacher’s blog about integrating technology into projects

The Literate Child

I wish he would post more often, but I love his enthusiasm about what’s happening with his second grade class.

Weblog-ed:  Learning with the Read/Write Web

I enjoy Will Richardson’s reflections on how technology--and Web 2.0 resources in particular--is making positive changes in education. He tends to have thoughtful commentaries on other educational blogs/conferences of note as well.

A Piece of My Mind

I just started following this blog of Scott Floyd, a district Technology Curriculum Specialist, but it’s an interesting, eclectic look at all things tech and education.

Bud the Teacher

Bud Hunt is an instructional technologist in Colorado. A hit or miss blog that talks about a variety of things, including his daily podcast. But he also has links to 168 other educational blog sites of interest (at last count), in case you’re interested in browsing.

Infinite Thinking Machine

This blog always includes a huge amount of interesting online resources for teachers—and how to use them.

And for something a little different:




Newly Ancient

A blog written by a 16 year old whom I used to follow when he was writing a bit more thought-provoking blogs about education and politics and other articulate essays on various topics. I wrote a blog myself on his self-imposed exile after a "twitter incident."

Speaking of which, I do also follow our own, Clarity Innovations Staff Blogs.










I hope you’ll add your favorites, too—I’m sure I’m missing some good ones. I’m particularly interested in finding some international blogs (in English) that you find insightful and interesting. I look forward to seeing your lists.





If you're just jumping in to this series now, you may want to start at the beginning where I talk about what RSS is and the different ways you can subscribe to Web sites that you like to visit frequently. Or just go back to the last few blogs where I talk about one great way to tie everything together--Customizable homepages.