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Today's tip is one that I shared with my daughter this weekend - Seven cyber sins: Online mistakes you can avoid. Kelsey has recently joined the social networking bandwagon and I think that one of her biggest problems is that she doesn't read everything she clicks on or where she is going.


Sharing this article with her and asking her to read it and share back with me what she learned I think went a lot further than me just telling her what to avoid and how to handle things.  This put the ownership in her hands and opened up a great discussion on being safe online. And if you do go somewhere you are not suppose to go or click on something that is questionable that the best thing to do is be up front and honest.  I can definitly see how a resource like this would be helpful to a classroom teacher as well as any parent.


How do you teach your students about avoiding online mistakes?  Do you have any computer rules and policies that are in place to support you and your students? Or do you have any other tips to share about staying safe online?

The second tip chosen to share with you is -  How to work comfortably on your notebook.


How many of you have classroom notebooks for student use?  Or access to a mobile notebook lab?  Do you take the time to talk with your students about ergonomics? I remember working in the computer lab doing our required typing lesson for the week reminding students "keep your fingers on home row, feet flat on the floor, sit up straight" With notebooks students can take computers anywhere. Do you talked to your students about getting set up for success? 


This tip just gets the conversation going - what guidance do you provide your students while they are working with either notebooks or desktops?

Did you know that Intel IT creates and publishes articles for Intel employees to educate them on a variety of information technology subjects?  Well they do and they have provided many of their "tips" for us to share with members of our community.


As we get tips that are relevant for our community I will introduce the topic, share the link to the tip and encourage you to share your comments, stories, or additional tips on each topic.


To kick this blog off I thought I would choose a topic that is not only relevant to educators but tips we can pass on to our students.  How to protect your handheld device or laptop from water damage.


When I accidentally knocked over my water bottle and saw water drops drip onto my keyboard I thought my computer was toast but was surprised that it was able to bounce back after it had dried off.  If I had read this article before it happened I might have been able to respond faster and get my computer up and running on my own.


What stories or tips do you have regarding water damage and your handheld or laptop?

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