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Greetings Teachers Engage Members,


We would like to thank you heartily for your support, patience, and feedback throughout the community platform upgrade process. It has been tricky at times, but we’re at a point where many of the struggles are past us and we’re confident that the Teachers Engage community is moving forward in the right direction.


As an expression of our gratitude to you, we are announcing the Teachers Engage Upgrade Celebration. The celebration will kick off the evening of June 28 with an online, interactive party (click here to register). During the week after, the celebration will feature several activities designed to get you using some of the new platform features and interacting with other members. These include:


  • The Opening Night Party featuring brief overviews of some new features, Teachers Engage trivia, and prizes.
  • The launch of the Teachers Engage Discussion Hall of Fame.
  • TAG, You’re It: an interactive game in which we’ll start a topical discussion and as you respond, you’ll be asked to use the new Mention feature to add @Member Name to “tag” someone else in the community. That member will then need to respond and “tag” someone new that hasn’t been previously tagged in the thread. Official rules and prize details will follow in a discussion post.
  • The Teachers Engage Family Tree: an interactive game in which current members will be asked to recruit new members to the community. Those new members will then need to go to our New Member Discussion, introduce themselves, and then use the Mention feature to tell the community who recruited them to join. The member with the most Mentions will receive a prize, and the new “family” will receive community-wide recognition. Official rules and prize details will follow in a discussion post.
  • A Trip Down Memory Lane: We’ll post a discussion in which members are asked to reply with a link to their first ever activity in Teachers Engage. At the end of the celebration week, all replies will be entered in a drawing for a prize.
  • Celebrity Match Maker: Name your dream hosts for a Teachers Engage webinar (and we'll try to recruit them!).


As we draw closer to the 28th, we’ll be posting more information on these events here, on our Facebook page, and over Twitter (#Intel #TeachersEngage). Feel free to reply to this post with other ideas for the celebration.


Thank you for everything you do for our community! We look forward to seeing you at the party!

  -The Teachers Engage Admin Team

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