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Greetings Teachers Engage Members! In recent weeks you may have noticed two things: a promo on our home page for Education SuperHighway’s School Speed Test, and a discussion on school internet speed posted by . Both of these items are part of a partnership between Intel Education and Education SuperHighway to take an inventory of the state of Internet access in America's K-12 schools.


According to Education SuperHighway, 99% of schools have Internet access, yet only 20% have enough for Internet access. This non-profit organization is focused on ensuring that all K-12 schools have at least 100MB+ of bandwidth. Currently, an average school has only 20MB, the same connection most have in their homes. It’s just not enough when you want to do high bandwidth activities, such as show 30 simultaneous videos in one classroom.


Their first step you and your colleagues can take is to participate in the national inventory of the Internet speed at every K-12 school in America.  EducationSuperHighway is calling on 1 million teachers, librarians, and administrators to take the 1 minute School Speed Test by simply clicking a button while they are logged into their school network. EducationSuperHighway will then aggregate the data and make recommendations on how the $2.5 billion of federal funding that’s already allocated to improve schools' Internet connectivity can be deployed more effectively. As a second step, they will also work with school districts to provide technical expertise to upgrade the equipment so that all schools have enough Internet access.


To sign up to take the Speed Test, click here. To learn more watch the video below.


Thanks for your support!


-The Teachers Engage Admin Team

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