Common Core Anchor Standards

Multiple Math and ELA Standards Addressed


With more teachers turning to technology in their classrooms, they are becoming more reliant on Apps and websites to help deliver curriculum and build Common Core skills. The following some ideas for apps and websites that can help your students practice their Common Core skills over the summer so they don’t fall into the Summer Slide. The list is by no means exhaustive, nor is it meant to be. I have tried to address elementary, intermediate and high school levels.


Reading is one of the areas that teachers have tried to encourage for years with Summer Reading assignment. Students should read something everyday to keep practicing their skills. Here are some tools available to help you, and students, select age appropriate texts to be read over the summer. (K-12)

Allows you to identify the lexile level of a particular text, and search by lexile level, then narrow down my category. What a great way to build a list of texts for your students to choose from over the summer! Appropriate for all grade levels.


DoGo News (K-8)

DoGo News is a great resource for news articles geared toward students in grades K-8. They provide articles, activities, lesson plans and more, with the ability to track student progress! CCSS suggested activities are also provided with the articles.


New York Times Learning Network (6-12)

NYT offers a Learning Network for teachers and students with activities like a reading contest, vocabulary, daily quizzes, and lesson plans. An amazing resource that can be adapted to all audiences in the classroom, but is more appropriate for grades 6-12 over the summer.


New York Times Room for Debate (6-12)

NYT offers a series of topics with multiple articles that student can read, and then join in the debate. Appropriate for high school.


For more tools to help identify Lexile level, please see my January Post Finding Grade Appropriate Informational Texts. I will explore Digital Text in my July post as well!



Asking Students to produce writing over the summer will help them maintain their writing skills. Consider asking students to complete tasks that address the Common Core Standards for Writing that relate to their Summer Reading Books or math problems and games they are working on, and use one of the following resources to organize their work. (All resources are available in web-based or App format)


Evernote (K-12)

Evernote is available on every single platform imaginable, and it links information between all of your devices. Students can save text, images and audio (among other things).


Google Drive (K-12)

Google Drive offers a variety of tools that students can create over the summer, and share with you! Students can create Docs, Presentations, Drawings and more! You can also have them keep track of their progress (reading, math problems completed, etc) using a Google Form!


Blogger (6-12)

Students can maintain a daily or weekly blog, addressing your activities, that you can track over the summer. Blogger allows students to add text, images, video and links to give more life to their posts. Or, create a classroom blog that students add to, so they get to know each other before the school year even begins!


EasyBib (K-12)

Students can maintain a working bibliography of the works they read over the summer, along with notes about the readings!


Little Bird Tales (K-8)

This website allows students of all ages to combine illustrations, voice and text to create their own stories. What a great way to ask your students to work on all of the ELA standards! Most appropriate for elementary to middle school.



One of the most important parts of being literate is a strong vocabulary. While reading increases vocabulary, so do word games! Increase your student’s vocabulary with the following resources:


Fry Words App  (K-2) (iOS)

The Fry words are built upon the Dolce Sight words, and include the 1,000 most commonly used words in the English Language. Students can practice reading, pronouncing and hearing these words read aloud. (K-12)

Word Dynamo

Lists for all grade levels, with varying topics. These activities offer options for all content areas! Activities include listening, matching and flashcards.


Daily Crossword Puzzle offers a daily crossword puzzle the flex the vocabulary muscles of users.


Word of the day Apps

Offers a new word every day to build a strong vocabulary!


Android (6-12)

Offers an assessment of vocabulary to create personalized vocabulary lessons just for you! Accounts are free, and are a great way to see where you stand and practice words you do not know!


Speaking and Listening

Speaking and listening skills are important for students to continue to work on over the summer. Asking students to listen to or watch videos, or create their own to practice their speaking skills are great activities!


TED (6-12)

Inspirational talks that help students see how to delivery great speeches, and learn to listen closely. Appropriate for all grade levels, but more options for Middle or High School. Be sure to check out the PlayList of Elementary Appropriate talks as well! TED Ed also offers the ability to build entire lessons with questions around specific talks, as well as the ability to view lessons already created by other teachers!

You can assign your students to watch specific TED talks that relate to a theme, or choose their own, and then try to write and record their own.





Educreations (K-12)

Educreations allows users to create digital stories and lessons by importing images or create drawings, and then add a voice narrative over the top. You can also search the library for already created lessons to assign to your students! Educreations works on the iPad and in your browser.



VoiceThread (2-12)

Voicethread also allows users to upload images and create voice overs, and is available on the web, and as an App. Voicethread does offer a free limited account as well as subscription options.




Math is perhaps one of the most important skills to practice over the summer, and yet it is probably one of the least focused on topics during those hot and lazy days. Why not add some fun to math practice with these apps and websites.


Splash Math (K-5)

Splash Math offers student the opportunity to practice, brush up on, and learn new skills. The offer games, and the ability to track student progress for parents and teachers. Splash Math is also available by grade level on iOS, in free and paid versions.


CK12 (6-12)

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the AMAZING resource available in CK12. They allow you to create classes, create assignment, personalize lessons and so much more, and every single bit is free! Videos, text, guided practice and more. The offer easy to navigate Common Core alignment for their materials. Although they offer materials on various subjects, though math resources are my focus! They offer a Braingenie competition to make practice fun! And they also offer FlexMath, which allows for learning and practice, as well as tracking my teachers. Accounts on CK12 are absolutely free.


Math Planet (9-12)

Math Planet offers lessons in math subjects from pre-algebra up to SATs and ACTs. The lesson feature written content as well as videos. All of this is offered for free, and broken down by topic. A great resource for review or pre-teaching concepts to students. The help forum appears to be neglected and full of nonsense posts, but the lessons and videos are still great!


Mix it up! ELA and Math in one!

LearnZillion (K-12)

LearnZillion addresses all grade levels, all standards, has Apps for multiple devices and is connected to a website...what could be better? A growing collection of video based lessons that explain concepts, review skills, and ask students to think. LearnZillion offers students the ability to hear passages read aloud, walks them step-by-step through text analysis and problem solving, offers pre-designed quizzes and so much more!





SAT Question of the Day (9-12)

Most appropriate for high school level, delivers a daily SAT question for students to try to answer! College Board delivers the daily questions on its website, as well as through and App available for iOS.


SAT Up (9-12)

SAT Up allows users to customize the tests they give themselves, set goals, and work toward the score they wish to achieve on the SAT. Even students who don’t plan to take the SAT will benefit from the daily exercise of their brains! Available as an iOS App


Learning Upgrade (K-8)

Learning Upgrade offers their product FREE to qualifying schools for summer enrichment, and also offer a free version throughout the year. Learning Upgrade offers students a way to learn utilizing videos, songs and games. Learning Upgrade covers Math and ELA standards at most grade levels, but seems more appropriate for elementary and intermediate students. To sign up for the free summer account access, check out this blog post.


IXL (K-12)

IXL offers Common Core aligned problems, complete with explanations for ELA and Math, and all grade levels. They provide access to practice questions for free, and also offer paid subscriptions to track progress. They also offer a free limited, or paid full version App for daily practice.



HippoCampus (9-12)

HippoCampus offers free content that can be incorporated into a learning management system or used on its own with a customized playlist. Content ranges from ELA, Social Studies, Science and Math, with multiple topics and level in each subject area. A great way to review or teach new content.  There are some lower level math concepts available as well.


There will never be an exhaustive list of apps or websites that can help your students meet the Common Core State Standards, but this is certainly a start! What are some apps or websites that you use to meet the standards?