App Smashing on International Dot Day - September 15th

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Watch this Chat with Deb video to see the first activity using Lucidchart Diagrams, the Quick Research extension, the Lucidchart Add-on and Google Docs

Blogging example:

Give students a chance to begin showcasing their work and projects with a simple blogging platform.


  • Students will make an account on and name and create a blog.
  • Students will make an account on Evernote
  • Connect the Evernote account in under the sources tab.

  • Students will install the Evernote Web Clipper Extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Whenever students create content on the web or have a picture of something they have done saved in Evernote, they can click on the Evernote Web Clipper Extension and the site or picture will be posted onto their blog.
  • Students can use Doppleme to create an avatar to represent themselves in a private and secure way. There is no account necessary and the avatar can be saved directly to Evernote using the Evernote Web Clipper!!!

I love the idea of starting a blog on International Dot Day to help students to begin to "make a mark" and

create a digital portfolio of their work in the blogging platform.

Profile Example:  Students will showcase who they are and who they want to someday become through this activity.

  • Students will get the My World app from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Students will use the My World app to choose images that represent who they are and who they someday want to become.

  • When students are finished, the My World app will analyze their profile based on the images they have chosen.

  • Next, students will download the My World results (downloads as a jpeg image)
  • Students will either insert the My World image into a Google Site or a Google Presentation or site of their choice.
  • Students will go to the Vocaroo site, and will record an audio message telling about the visual representation of themselves.
  • Students can share the link or get a QR code for the Vocaroo recording to display with the My World image on their site.


Google Site Example:

Google Presentation Example:


Having students share a visual and audio representation of themselves builds self awareness and pride among their peers. This is a great way to have students "make their mark" on International Dot Day.

Thank you to Intel's Teachers Engage for sponsoring this Chat with Deb.