If you are finding yourself teaching the same lesson year after year with the same materials and teaching style; then it's time to add some new technology and spice up that boring lesson.  It's refreshing and motivating for students to see a teacher using new instructional strategies and materials in a lesson.

Here are a bunch of ideas:

1)  Involve the students - Use an online poll or backchannel to interact with your students during your lesson. This gives every student a voice and builds character and understanding amongst peers.

a.  Poll Everywhere

b.  Tally.tl - Click here for my blog post.

c.  Today's Meet

d.  Padlet

e.  Geddit - Click here for my blog post.

2)  Student Choice -Allow your students to show their learning with these choices. Giving students a say in how they show their knowledge is empowering.

a.  Mindmapping with Slatebox or Bubbl.us- Click here for my blog post


b.  Create a visualization with Canva or Bunceeor Smore - Click here for my blog post

c.  Create an infographic with Easel.ly - Click herefor my blog post

d.  Use this simple drawing site


3)  Use a video - There are many choices of adding media to your lesson. Students today live in a media rich environment driven by videos. Tap into their learning style.


a. Educanon - Click here for my blog post

b. Teachem - Click here for my blog post

c.  Lesson Paths, Blendspace, HapYak - Click here for my blog post

4)  Add some game elements to your lesson - Gamification can add so much enjoyment and engagement to your lessons. Students find games to be motivational and rewarding.

a. Kahoot.it - Click here for my blog post

b.  BrainRush - Create your own games or use the thousands that are available

c. Zondle - Click here for my blog post

d.  FlipQuiz  or eQuizShow - Jeopardy style review games.

5)  Use any of the amazing tools on Classtools.net!! Whenever I am in need of some tech inspiration and ideas, I often will visit this site for some help. Putting a little time into planning an interactive activity will go a long way with student learning.