This November, Engage explores the world of game-infused learning. Activities and events will look at how gamification can push the boundaries of learning for both education professionals and students alike. In this context, we'll explore how the data stream available via online games can help inform assessment and provide new avenues for educators to demonstrate professional growth. The content area focus for November is STEAM, that sweet spot where the arts intersects with science, technology, engineering, and math.  Sound exciting? Check out all the great content related to education gaming and gamification. Want to dig into the world of STEAM-infused learning? Click here.


In honor of our theme, Engage also celebrates International Game Day on November 15. Are you celebrating? If so, leave a comment and tell us what you're doing.


When I think of gaming in the classroom, I recall my days in elementary school in the early years of personal computing. We had early Apple 2Es and 2gs in the our classrooms, and I spent a good bit of free time running my sidewalk corporate empire in Lemonade Stand, and later the navigating the wide open west in the original Oregon Trail. Did you have computer and/or online games in your classroom as a student? What were they? Tell us in the comments below.




For old times sake...



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