Google Image Search Engine


#1 You can upload and search an image:

Click on the little camera icon when using Google Images


Choose an image to upload

Google Image Search Engine

#2 Find an image with a transparent background.


Click on Search tools, Color and then Transparent


If the image has a checkered background it is transparent.

If the image does not have a checkered background it is not transparent.

Google Image Search Engine

#3 Search for animated images (gifs)

Click on Search tools, Type and then Animated

Google Web Search Engine

#4 Search for current information. Click on Search tools, Any time and then choose the time period.

Here are a few more tips to help with the Google Search engine:
#1 Use it as a timer to keep you on track.

Google: set timer 30 minutes

Go full screen and project it in front of the class. A scroll bar will show how much time has passed.


#2 Calculate the tip.

Google: tip calculator


#3 Find out what date any holiday falls on.

Google: Easter 2016 or Hanakkah 2016


#4 Movie release dates.

Google: The Hobbit Release date


#5 Television show schedules.

Google: Gold Rush episodes


#6 Songs of your favorite band or books by your favorite author.

Google: Songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Google: Books by Jack London




#7 Tilt your search

Google: Tilt

or go completely crazy and tip it over

Google: Barrel Roll

Have fun using the Google Search engine and all of the great features.