jan15_themebanner.pngHappy New Year! Engage is thrilled to kick off year two of our Community Roadmap, the calendar of themes, topics, content areas, and major education events we'll learn about and explore throughout the year.


Our themes (attached below) remain relatively unchanged in 2015. We will, however, approach the themes differently, offer new perspectives and innovative learning activities to support each topic, and provide you with more ways to engage and win great tech prizes!


To start January, we'll look at the freshest, most innovative technology developments hitting the education market in 2015. What does that mean? Well, for the last several years we've seen a huge focus on "things" - devices, apps, and web tools for both students and teachers. This year, we want to push this topic farther: how do we get beyond the overwhelming mass of stuff available to teachers to optimize use to make real impact for students? This means going deeper with personalized learning, hitting the sweet spot in the middle of the TPACK framework, and making smart choices about the devices and learning tools/apps you employ.


2015 is shaping up to be a big year in Engage! We'll continue to offer the community engagement you've come to enjoy, the webinars you anticipate, and the activities that allow you to flex your creative muscles and earn great prizes. We're also rolling out a brand new badging interface via which you can earn digital credentials and complete professional learning missions. You can also expect new formats for content - more video, blended live and asynchronous events using tools such as Hangouts on Air, and a more cohesive, connected approach to content. The community leadership team is excited and you should be too.


As we kick off the year, we'll follow two of the biggest events in tech:


What has you excited for 2015? What are your plans? What are your professional learning goals? Comment and share with us, and stay tuned for big things!