Last week a teacher asked me to recommend a site that would work well for students to journal with the possibility to also share the journal with the the teacher.

There are plenty of apps for keeping a journal on the Internet and each has it own special feature, but after exploring about a half dozen apps, my recommendation would be a Chrome app called Penzu.



Here are the features that I like about Penzu:


  • Signing up for an account is simple and free

  • There is an option to lock the journal entry for privacy.

  • There is a full text editor with the option to insert images and hyperlinks.

  • To make the journal look appealing, you can choose a background

  • Sharing a journal entry can be done through email or through a public link.

  • Journaling is good therapy after a disappointing event (notice my journal topic) and Penzu is a great tool for making this lady feel a tiny bit better.



I highly recommend giving Penzu a try and if you do, let me know your thoughts.