In February, Engage peers into the future....The theme for February is 21st Century careers, specifically those in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). Think about how the workforce has changed since you were a K-12 student. Think about how it's changed since you started your first job. If you're a veteran teacher, think about how education and career prep has changed since your first day. Pretty wild?


When I started teaching, way back in 2001, I had a single desktop machine in my classroom running Windows 98 (and many of the machines in the two computer labs in our small building ran Windows 95!). We had an "online" gradebook that wasn't visible beyond our classroom machine, and it was still unique to email my students' parents. The network drive to which we stored lesson plans and units was "innovative", and I had to teach a number of my colleagues how to add an attachment to an email. And that was just my workforce experience; I had no concept of the world of work my students would someday enter beyond the fact that it would be much different, and it was likely that the job they would choose would look very different than it did early last decade, or, as their careers progressed, not exist at all.


As you interact in Engage this month and engage in your professional exploration and growth, think about a few things. What can you do to prepare a student for a career that doesn't yet exist? As technology continues to seep into every facet of life, are there any careers that aren't, in some shape or form, STEM careers?


While you're thinking about that, check out all of Engage's resources and activities related to STEM education or discussing 21st Century Careers and skills. Be sure to tag anything you do this month with the tag "STEM" and/or "21st Century Careers" or "21st Century Skills".


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