Today we launched an exciting new feature in the Engage community. This morning the Nitro Gamification Module was released in the community. So what does this mean and why are we so excited about it? Well, it represents a brand new, innovative way for you to interact with the community's content and your fellow members. From here forward, every time you do something in Engage you'll be working toward a Mission, and each Mission carries points and a badge. Also, as you work through the new Missions and earn points and badges, you'll advance through new set of bands and levels in the community that represent your professional learning path and the different ways take action.You'll start as an Explorer and work your way through the Intern, Apprentice, Artisan, and Master levels of the Explorer Band. After Explorer, you'll continue to climb the band ladder as a Citizen, Mentor, and eventually Master, completing each of the four aforementioned levels at each step along the way. Due to the technical requirements of the module, your points have reset to zero and for now you're starting at the base level (Explorer Intern); also note, the system only began tracking your activity this morning, so actions completed before that will not retroactively be applied to Missions. In the coming weeks we'll award Legacy Member Badges (and associated points) that recognize your prior contributions and points and levels achieved.LegacyPlat.png

You can learn all about the Missions, badges, and bands and levels via the Reputation section of your profile; you access this by clicking the "More" tab and selecting "Reputation" or by clicking the "Points Detail" link below your profile picture. The short video below walks you through those steps. We have currently released all the standard Missions and badges for the Explorer and Citizen bands. In the coming weeks we'll release the Missions and badges for Mentor and Leader, as well as unique badges tied to specific events, activities, and themes in Engage. We will provide information and updates each time new Missions are released, and you can follow all the action by joining the Gamification Hub group. Click the "Join this group" button in the upper right banner to join and receive updates and notifications.


We are jazzed about this, and we hope you are too! Start interacting, and reach out with questions by responding to this post or using the Help and Feedback tab at the right of the Liking this post, bookmarking, or leaving a comment you'll also earn points and badges, so check the Reputation section on your profile to see.


Thanks - Marshal and the Intel Engage Leadership Team

Engaging with Nitro Gamification and Badges (click the full screen button to expand)

Click here for a text version of the instructions covered in this video.