It's May, and in the U.S. that means the school year is winding down. Teachers and students are starting to finish final assignments and review grades. Summer reading lists, activities, and enrichment are being planned. Technology can play a huge role in all of this. Families can get real-time updates on progress and grades. Teachers can push summer reading selections to their students' connected devices.Younger students can keep skills sharp via online enrichment modules, and high school students can take blended and online "summer school" courses to catch up or get ahead. And we all know teacher professional learning and growth almost never stops, enabled year-round by tools like Twitter and online communities like Engage.


Of course, summer is a time to unplug, wind down, and recharge for students and teachers too. Ubiquitous connected devices can make taking time off just as challenging as planning next year's curriculum or an online Algebra class. Balance is a must. We also know that in many places, ample devices and bandwidth are a luxury and not an assumption. It's important to consider this issue and strive for equity of experience. Particularly if you're educating a socioeconomically diverse group, it's key to remember that not everyone goes home to the same tools and resources.


Think about these ideas, and let us know how you approach summer.

  • What's one way you stay connected, either as an educator or a parent/guardian, when school's out for summer?
  • How do you help kids who are less connected outside of school keep pace with those for whom access isn't an issue?
  • How do you ensure that you and/or your students/children take time to recharge during the summer months?


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Have a great month!