bunnyatwork_small.jpg We know that you have been having an awesome time with our new Intel Engage Gamified Community. We want you to continue with that fun and excitement and at the same time explore your Wild and Creative Self. 

Go Wild on our FIRST Learning Pathway Mission.

We have several mini-missions for you to embark on which will allow you to transform yourself into a Gamified Wild-Self.  So be creative and get in touch with your Gamified Wild-Self and complete the SEVEN tasked-Missions to earn 500 points toward a Learning Pathway Badge.

Participate in our Learning Pathways Thread between May 22, 2015 and August 22, 2015 to receive your points toward your Learning Pathway Badge.

The Mission title is Learning Pathways- May-August 2015- Building Your Wild-Self Challenge

Visit the New York Zoos and Aquarium’s website- Build Your Wild Self (http://www.buildyourwildself.com/) and Build your Gamified WIld-Self. What features will you have? Will you have special powers? Can you fly or can your leap tall buildings? What educational endeavor will you change or implement with your new Gamified Wild-Self.


1. First Post:Your Wild-Self and Description: (Reply to Original Post)

  • Post your Gamified Wild-Self  along with a description of your Gamified Wild-Self.  Share what your Gamified Wild Self would do. How would you transform education?  What would you do in the classroom? What would you do with administrators? With technology would you make available to students and educators?  Most importantly, share what you would do with students? Why did you choose this Wild Self?

2.  Second Post:Wild-Self Traveling Collage: (Reply to Original Post)

  • Take a picture of Your Wild-Self at 4 different national locations (parks, museums, monuments, libraries or surprise us etc) (Think Flat Stanley...take your Gamified Wild Self on vacation with you. Choose an application or a website and create a Collage of your 4 pictures.and upload the1 collage . Tell us what application you used to create the collage.

3. Reply to at least 4 other people : (Click Reply to that Person’s Post- Not Reply to Original Post)

4. Share this thread with 3 other people

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6. Upload your Wild-Self as your Avatar

7. @ Mention at least 3 other Wild-Self posts you like and detail why you like that person's avatar.

8.  Have fun with this activity. Sorry you can't earn points for having fun!