I was asked to chaperone students going to our local Amusement Park to celebrate the end of this school year. When I ride these roller coasters, I am constantly reminded of the physics behind the fun activity. Often my brain considers "was that an area where we felt no gravity" or "How many 'Gs' were in that turn?" The photo I've included is of a ride called Wicked. The ride pulls just under 5 Gs and reaches speeds of over 50 miles per hour (about 88 kmh.) I find roller coasters engage students in thinking about how physics applies to daily life.


I thought it might be fun to have members of the Intel Engage community share their favorite amusement park roller coaster image. You may upload your own image as I have or share one from the web. Please remember if you upload a web image to cite the URL so you comply with the Intel Engage terms of use. I wondered if MrsSmoke would be sharing some of her fun Disneyland images? dougemints, bonnie_feather, tnzuber, ProfWhitby, and yasserrs2003@hotmail.com do you have a favorite (or even least favorite) roller coaster ride to share with the group?

Please share a photo of your ride (with citation URL if you did not take the photo), tell us about the ride including why you like or dislike it, and then use the @mention to tag someone to share their roller coaster photos and likes or dislikes.