It's that time of the year again! ISTE 2015 convenes in Philadelphia, PA June 28th through July 1st. While Intel will not have a booth this year, several of us are attending and we know many Engage members will likely be there as well. If you are attending ISTE in person, be sure to check out these sessions sponsored by, or including, Intel:


We'd also like to call attention to a poster session and presentation by our partners at ASU in the development of the new game-infused professional learning platform coming to Engage. Please stop by if you are attending!

Introducing the ISTE 2015 Badge

We wanted to continue the ISTE fun on Intel Engage by creating missions you can complete whether you are attending or not. Complete the following 4 missions in order to earn the ISTE 2015 badge. Please note, you have to do them in order. The first Mission is visible in your profile's Reputation section right now, and the subsequent Missions will appear there as you unlock them.

  1. ISTE Roll Call - Complete this mission to earn 50 points and unlock the next mission. This mission is a prerequisite for moving on to the next mission; after completing this you can move on to mission two.
  2. Intel Learning Studio - Join this group for another 50 points to follow our progress as we level up teacher professional learning with game mechanics in our new platform, Intel Learning Studio. This is a private group. In order to join, click the "Ask to join this group" button. Once your membership is approved, you should receive your points and can move on to the next mission. You must have already completed the ISTE Roll Call mission to earn these points.
  3. What's the Next Best Thing in Ed Tech? - Complete this mission to earn 50 points and unlock the next mission. You must have already completed the Intel Learning Studio mission to earn these points.
  4. ISTE 2015 Final Mission - Complete this mission to earn another 100 points and the ISTE 2015 badge. In order to qualify for earning earning the badge, you must have already completed missions one, two, and three above.


You can earn the ISTE 2015 badge between now and July 31st.

**Please note that all missions will be monitored to ensure that participants are completing the requirements of the missions. Invalid responses will be deleted and any associated points and/or badges will be removed from the earner.


You can review the Notes on Nitro blogposts and Gamification Hub content for tips, tricks, and guidance on how to effectively engage in the community through completing mission.