School supplies, meeting a new teacher or colleague, rebooting the morning routine after a relaxed couple of months, these are all part of the annual tradition U.S. students and teachers greet every August. As we think about our ever flattening-earth and the technology that enables it, more and more we can include virtual PD across a district, state, or country, or Skyping with a classroom across the world to start a new relationship that will grow over the coming months to that list. August means a lot of things in a lot of contexts, but in education it often means first and foremost, back to school!


What is your outlook for the coming school year? Are you taking on a new role? In a new job? You may have a new outlook on instruction after your state's first year with the new PARCC or Smarter Balanced assessments.

  • Tell us - what's at the top of your mind this August for back to school?


In Engage, on top of the U.S. back to school festivities, we're celebrating Global Education. We're keen on opening windows to showcase educational contexts across the globe. To that end:

  • What country's education system do you know the most about? What system do  you know the least about?
  • If you're not in the U.S., when is "back to school" for you? What is it like?


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