bunnyatwork_small.jpgWhen reading an intriguing book, do you often envision transforming yourself into your favorite literary character?  Do you compare yourself to characters in your favorite books? What makes your favorite characters your “favorite characters”?


Help us celebrate International Literacy Day day by revealing what literary character you most identify with. International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on September 8th to raise people's awareness of and concern for literacy issues around the world.


What Literary Character are you?

  • Describe what literature character shares your personality (Post #1)
    • Include the reason for your selection
    • How do you connect to your character?
    • What characteristics do you both possess?
    • How can you use an activity like this with your students?
  • Post a picture of your Literary Character (Include this in Post #1)
  • Take the “What Literary Character Are You?  or What Literary Character Are You? Quiz? (Post #2)
    • Post the results of the Quiz
      • Debrief- what did the quiz say? 
      • Do you agree or disagree with the results?
      • Post another picture based on your quiz (optional)( The synopsis)



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