With the start of another school year in the United States right around the counter, teachers plan and multi-task like crazy.  They attend meetings, professional developments and at the same time, somehow manage to put their classrooms back together. Of course, they need more than 24 hours in each day to complete these tasks. They have to dig deep down in their bag of tricks to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished. Sometimes this calls for them to transform themselves into their magical cartoon self.


What Cartoon Character are You?


  • Reveal what cartoon character you identify with the most.
    • Include the reason for your selection
    • How do you connect to your cartoon self?
    • What characteristics do you both possess?
      • Share similarities and differences between the two of you.
  • Post a picture of your Cartoon Self

    • Post the results of the Quiz
      • Debrief- what did the quiz say? 
      • Do you agree or disagree with the results?
      • Post another picture based on your quiz (your character)