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Have you ever wondered what is needed to start your school year off digitally? Do you ponder what teachers and students are doing with devices in their classrooms? Have you ever daydreamed about flipping your classroom? What projects are your students creating? How do you communicate with both parents or students? Do you use Remind with your students? Are you an Edmodo user or a Google Classroom user? What are the pros and cons of each?



As an educator, we often ponder over these questions each year. Well, let’s find some solutions. Do you have a Digital Toolkit to kick-start your school year or to rejuvenate your teaching? What is in your Digital Backpack? What are some helpful Hints and or Solutions and most importantly, what are your Must Have’s for a successful technology infused classroom?


Between August 14 and Sept 28,  partake in our Must Haves and Helpful Solutions Digital Backpack Webinar Followup Blog and earn a Webinar Badge.


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