EcoFluxx_Box_3D.jpgThis summer, I was given a new game “EcoFluxx.” What a FUN game to play. I love how it relates to science. EcoFluxx is an interesting cooperative and competitive game. The rule needed to win constantly changes. Unlike other Fluxx games, there are only three “Creeper” cards. General rules prevent winning while holding a “Creeper” card. This is the only Fluxx game I’ve played where it is possible to win with cards you have played in conjunction with cards another player has played. I have mentioned the game to the other science teachers at my school. We are going to try and determine how we might use the game with our science students.


As I considered the “fun” and reality of the game, I wondered about other “fun” educational games.

  • Which games do your students find fun that help teach content in your classroom?
  • What game have you heard about that you would like to use in with students?


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