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Thinking critically and exploring open-ended new ideas and solutions is not only a big idea in the education community, but also stands firm in the business world as well. Being creative can often mean a lot of hard work and dedication to thought and to the overall  process.


As we celebrate creativity and tap into students’ curiosity and empower them to create through making, think about how you and or your school or community embarks on this creative journey.

Has your school or community set up a Makerspace? Have you  adopted a "Maker Mentality"?  If so, how have your students responded to it? Have they investigated squishy circuits and computer programming? Have they explored sewing machines or conductive thread?


Discuss the many ways that "Making" and the “Maker Mentality" can transform learning and teaching. Share examples of student-created, standards-aligned projects and discuss innovative ways to integrate “Making” into the classroom between September 9 and October 30 and partake in our Makey Makey Mentality Webinar Followup Blog and earn a Webinar Badge.


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