Rusty_Farm_Machine.pngThe concepts shared in The Bare Minimum Of Learning Technology blog made me think quite deeply. I quickly sent the link to my district's Technology Training Director. The image on the post captivated me.

"The Fifteen Things Every Teacher Should Try This Year" is similar to content shared by Intel Engage community members. In my opinion, the idea that if teachers and students are not directly involved in technology integration they are "rusting."

I have begun working to have students create digital portfolios. This is a work in progress and still needs much planning and executition.

Currently, it is a violation of my district policies to do four of the things. I've proposed changes so student work is can be shared with the world.

As you consider the fifteen items on the list, please share your thoughts on the following:

  • Which item from this list do you want to focus on this year?
  • What Technology Integration item do you think is missing from the list?