In a collaborative effort to increase awareness of computer science in schools, Intel Engage is joining the global movement to reach tens of millions of students and teachers in over 180 countries to encourage them to  just try “an Hour of Coding?” during December 7-13.

Last year over 100 million students tried the Hour of Code and more girls tried computer science than in the last 70 years.

Each year more than 44 million people of all ages participate in an Hour of Code. This is a one-hour introductory course designed to demystify computer science and show that anybody can learn the basics of computer programming. The goal is to have students take part in grade level specific activities. Code.org and other organizations have created these materials for participants to use during National Computer Science Week (December 7-13) or before or after. These are very simple, easy to follow lessons that are teacher and student friendly.

So, our mission is a multifaceted one that will expand over several months. You will have several missions to complete over the next few month.  In order to receive your Learning Pathway Mission Badge and or be eligible for an Intel-inside product , you will need to complete all parts of the mission. This is a WorldWide event so we are wanting a WorldWide sharing event here in Intel Engage! (Please refer to the Community Sweepstakes Drawing policy for eligibility )

The Mission Title is Learning Pathways- World-Wide Hour of Code Roll Call 2015

Between October 9 and December 15  partake in our WorldWide Hour of Code Roll Call Mission. You must complete all the actions related to this mission in order to receive your badge and be eligible for the prize drawing..

  • Watch the Hour of Code Promotion Video
    • https://youtu.be/7L97YMYqLHc
    • Create and post a 6 Word Memoir (as a comment) about your excitement to participate in this year’s Hour of Code
    • Optional (Post a graphic along with your 6 Word Memoir)
  • Sign up to participate in an Hour of Code
  • Share (in a comment) an Engage Thread or an outside resource that connects to your vision of coding /computer science to empower students.  This can be another thread within the Engage Community or a motivating video or article outside of the Engage Community.
  • Comment in the thread To Code or Not to Code is that the Right Question
  • They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, so let’s put that into ACTION. Share with us your pictures of how you and or your class, district, state is participating in the 2015 Hour of Code. Post a comment with a digital artifact of you and your students participating in the Hour of Code (Remember to abide by your school system’s Acceptable Use Policy AUP)
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