When November hits the calendar, Engage starts thinking about all things gaming. This November, that's particularly appropriate as it's our first year with the gamification system active on the community, and we're on the cusp of some exciting new game-infused professional learning opportunities (that's the teaser, you have to stay active with Engage to get more information over the next several months...). We've been working within the gamification system for seven full months now, and you've been completing Missions and earning points and badges along the way. What do you think of it at this point? How does this type of gamification relate (or not relate) to anything going on with learning games in your classrooms or the classrooms and teachers you work with? Are you celebrating International Games Day on November 21?


It's interesting that on our community roadmap we've also chosen to focus on assessment practices in November. Learning games, particularly those played online, offer up a huge stream of data for educators. I know that our Engage gamification system presents us with a mountain of data we're still learning how to use. What are the advantages to that? What are the risks? Could you imagine any unintended consequences, either positive or not so positive, of making the use of online learning games data a bigger part of the assessment picture in your classroom?


That's a key question. Many of us have seen the potential of games in the classroom in action - the excitement and engagement, and the real learning - that occurs. This month, we want to know your thoughts on the following: how would you use the data available via a learning games platform in your classroom or school, and how would you not use that data?


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