Waffle_Love.pngLast week we had a fun real life math application at our school. One math teacher arranged for a local Waffle Love food truck to drop by. Teachers enjoyed ordering their waffle before school. Students participated after their math class began.

The food truck owner then chatted with students in our auditorium. He explained the importance of proportions in his business. Students were surprised and excited to learn how he planned for and built up his business. I took the photo just as the food truck showed up in our parking lot to ensure I met district AUP guidelines.


As our students participated in this event, I thought of several questions I hoped my fellow Intel Engage community members might answer.

  • Is there a similar opportunity for your students to have a similar real life application?
  • What other content area(s) would you suggest be included in this opportunity?
    • How might this (or a similar activity) help students comprehending common-core standards?
  • What suggestions might I give to our team about how to have a better experience next year?
  • What kind of a food truck would you want to visit your classroom?