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How do you create a culture of innovation?  By designing lessons that allow students to take chances and risk failure.


According to an article in the Journal of Research on Technology in Education by Bradley S Barker and John Ansorge from the University of Nebraska Lincoln, through hands-on experimentation, robotics can help youth transform abstract science, engineering and technology concepts into concrete real-world understanding.  Teachers and student alike report engaged and motivated learners when robotics lessons are integrated into the curriculum.


You can create a culture of innovation by using tools like Bee-Bot, Blue Bot and other robotic tools that allow students to design, solve problems and uncover solutions to demonstrate understanding.  This month’s challenge will explore Robots and how they can be used to create a culture of innovation!

BeeBot.png      Bee-bot    BlueBot.png Blue-bot     BlueBotProgrammable.png Blue-bot Programmable

Bee-Bot is a robot designed for young children.  It can be used to teach directions, numeration, and other early language skills. Blue-Bot can be used with or without an app and can be programmed using a tablet.  Blu-Bot programmable has 20 different facial expressions, programmable movements including left, right forward and backward.  His head can be programmed to nod and turn left and right with light up facial expressions.  Students can use these robots to build problem solving skills, persistence, math, langue and science skills.


Benefits of Creating Innovative Lessons

1. Engaged and motivated learners

2. Provides excellent teaching examples of the concept of systems and subsystems

3. Prepares students for a multi-billion dollar emerging industry

4. Skill sets can easily be transferred to careers and professions

5. Puts academic concepts in context when teaching math, science, and technology


Lesson Ideas

1. Using Blue Bot in the Classroom

2. Introduction to Robotics grades 5 - 6

3. Wonder Workshop Lessons

4. Discover Ed Robotics


Your Challenge

Help Bee-Bot get to the treasure chest.  You can begin the task by completing the following activities:

1. Bookmark this challenge and share it with 3 of your colleagues.

2. Use the grid below to program BeBot to move to the chest. (use the following key to represent your moves (F – forward, B-Backward, L – left, R- Right, T-Turn)

3. Record your code in a comment below.