Mobile learning allows learning to take place outside of the classroom.  Clark Quinn, author of Designing MLearning:  Tapping into the Mobile Revolution for Organizational Performance, defined mobile learning as the intersection of mobile computing including the application of small, portable, and wireless computing and communication devices and electronic learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology.


This month’s challenge will explore Apps created by Intel and how they can be used to make learning fun and mobile.

Learning on the Go



Visual Ranking

Mobile Scenarios.png

Mobile Scenarios K12


Assessing Projects


Focus thinking behind creating ordered lists. Students practice identifying and refining criteria as they assign order or rank to a list.

Read stories, spanning grade levels and subject areas, to inspire integration of new technologies into classroom activities to improve teaching and learning.

Create assessments that address digital learning skills and support strategies for making assessments an integral part of teaching.


Collaboration emphasized as students explain their reasoning and compare work with each other, groups, in a visual diagram.  Students practice organizing ideas, debate individual differences, and reach group consensus.

Integrate various categories into your mobile learning classroom.  Topics include:

  • Assessing Learning
  • Communicating and Collaboration
  • Dealing with Data
  • Document and Media Creation
  • Learning Independently
  • Real World Resources

Provides rubrics, checklists, etc. to help students understand content more deeply, think at higher levels, and become self-directed learners.


Visual Ranking

Mobile Scenarios K12

Assessing Projects


Impact of Inventions

MSK12 Resources and Tools

Rubrics and Scoring Guides


VR Quick Guide

MSK12 Quick Guide

Quick Guide







Mobile learning means absolutely nothing, if the activities created by the teacher, are not engaging, authentic and aligned to the curriculum.  Mobile apps provide on the go learning while  provoking students to think about concepts taught and the effects on their lives.  Your challenge is to:

1. Share this challenge with a colleague

2. View the tutorials above and share a curriculum concept that you would use with one of the tools

3. Click on the Impact of Inventions link above.  How did you rank the inventions in relationship to the other teams?  Explain your first place choice.

4. Explore the rubrics, checklists, etc in the assessing project app.  Explain how you are using rubrics or checklists to empower students?