Some days (especially sunny ones), I fantasize about a new job installing solar panels. Outside, working with my hands, saving the environment (and people money!)...what's not to like?

Well, there's more to realizing such a dream than merely sending off a resume to a solar energy company --> 70% of employers surveyed in U.S. energy industries found it “difficult or very difficult” to hire employees with needed skills. This is according to the 2016 U.S Energy and Employment Report (USEER), a first of its kind report that analyzed how changes in energy technology, systems, and usage are affecting the economy, as well as where and how these changes create or displace jobs.


USEER found projected increases in new jobs for the energy efficiency sector, as well as solar energy.  The energy efficiency sector predicted hiring rates of 14 percent in 2016, or almost 260,000 new hires. Solar energy firms predicted 15 percent job growth over the next year. Those are both big numbers.


If you, or someone you know (like a student!!) are interested in working in the solar energy industry, give the following web sites a look, and share them!


ISES International Solar Energy Society: HOMENABCEP | North American Board of Certified Energy PractitionersSEIA | Solar Energy Industries Association
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Are young people excited about the bright (hehe!) future of solar energy, or is this technology only cool to children of the 70's and 80's? What do you think?  Maybe one of these crowdsourced green technologies is more interesting to the youth of today?



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