What children learn at home is influenced by their experiences at home.  When parents and teachers have an open line of communication, they can work as a team to support student academic growth. Although home and school communication is vital, parents and teachers do not always have opportunities to interact with each other.  Technology makes communication between home and school more timely, efficient, productive and inclusive (Merkley, Schmidt, Dirksen & Fuhler, 2006).


The National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) conducted a survey of 50 districts across the United States and found parents want regular updates from their children’s teachers. Moreover, parents want most to hear about academic performance and behavioral expectations.





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Use microphone to create audio documents from browser.

Share photos with the world using URL.

Use your microphone to create an audio recording from browser.


  • Create new document
  • Insert images
  • Insert Hyperlinks
  • Interface similar to word processors
  • Save documents
  • No registration
  • Short URLs
  • Upload multiple photos
  • Share embed codes
  • Record
  • Listen
  • Save
  • Send
  • Works on IOS and Android devices



Benefits of  Positive Home School Connections


Research conducted and compiled by the National Association of School Psychologists indicates that effective, responsive, well-planned home/school communication has the following results in schools:

  • Improved test scores
  • Improved grades
  • More positive student attitudes
  • Lower dropout rates
  • Less high risk behavior
  • Higher staff morale
  • Enhanced relationships between school and community
  • Increased parental support for school's initiatives and programs
  • Increased donations of goods, materials and services to the school
  • Improved parental opinion of and regard for the school

Lesson Ideas

  1. Record audio notes to study and provide future reference
  2. Email recording to parents and guardians to assist students with homework
  3. Share images with global partners to encourage collaborative activities
  4. Teach Literacy activities including vocabulary, writing and spelling
  5. Record word problems and other activities for students to evaluate, analyze and solve
  6. Upload a student artifact and send url to parents for comment



Your Challenge

There are things that you can do to create positive home school communication.  Let’s begin the challenge by doing the following:

  1. Bookmark this challenge and share it with three of your colleagues.
  2. Click the SharePhoto link to view the image provided
  3. Click comment to respond to the question provided on the SharePhoto link.
  4. Upload an image to engage your students in curriculum content. Click edit to pose a question to allow students to interact with the image.
  5. Click comment in the engage community to share your photo url for comments