As we finish out the 2015-16 school year, I have reminded my students that their creative learning can continue throughout the summer in many ways!

MakerCamp is always an option. You can sign up as an individual or group and benefit from the fun projects they launch each week!  If you can't wait for it to start, check out the archives! (If you have students that you know are into some of the projects, you could also send them home with a goodie bag of supplies to aid in their creations!)

Screenshot 2016-06-05 at 12.03.22 PM.png has some amazing ideas for learning many different skills.  They are sorted by topic/career. Psst...this site is ONLY for kids. 

They have  #summerbucketlist trending right now with lists of what kids want to learn!

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In Madison, WI, we have a physical hackerspace that you can visit called Sector 67.  I encourage my learners to take their adults on a field trip to enjoy this space and possibly sign up for a class or two!  We are also lucky to have libraries near us that have 3D printers and other makerspace activities if they can't get to Sector 67.

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What are some of the places that you encourage your students to visit during the summer

as they continue to nurture their curiosities and maker skills?